Studio Elsien Gringhuis believes in long-term collaborations and we are committed to ensuring that people are able to upgrade their skills and pursue their passions under excellent working conditons. We produce in our own studio in The Netherlands with the help of skilled tailors, that we train ourselves. This way we support (local-) craftsmanship, that in many ways is about to be forgotten and stimulate economic growth of the local community.

We would like you to meet our makers. By sharing our ideas of fair fashion at Studio Elsien Gringhuis and the ideas of our makers, we’d like to give you a closer perspective on fair fashion.

Function at SEG: Production
Age: 61

Why did you choose to work for SEG?

It was through the tip of a teacher from the fashion school where I studied. She told me that Elsien was looking for someone to work for her, so I got in touch with her! But before that, I had already seen some of Elsien’s work at the Fashion and Design Festival that is taking place every year here in Arnhem and where she had a stall. I already loved her pieces back then! The little details like pockets and certain seams and darts… I really liked that. And of course the philosophy behind the brand, that was very crucial to me!

What do you in particular like about it?

That it is no mass production and that you only leave a very small ecological foot print. Everything is produced locally, with short lines and honest work. And also with good material, using fabrics that are high quality and ecological.

Do you have a favourite fabric?

Yes, I love the linen and also the wool, which Elsien uses for the trousers. I love how beautifully it falls and that it processes so well.

Is sustainability important to you on a personal level? If so, what do you do in your everyday life to approach a more sustainable lifestyle?

Yes! I never throw away food, eat very little meat and also buy only very few clothes – and if I do, then only well-made pieces and no mass products. I have a few basic items that can be combined with almost anything.

What does clothing mean to you?

With clothing you can influence the way you feel. If, for example, you do not feel so well but dress nicely nevertheless, that can enhance your mood!
And when it comes to making clothes: I really like the sewing itself! I wish I had discovered that twenty years earlier! But well, better late than never!

How did you start with it?

I once went to a sewing course and I liked it so much that I made a jacket with lining. Then I thought: ‘I want to make more with that skill’. Initially, I had studied Interior Design, but during the (financial) crisis I couldn’t find work anymore. That’s why I decided to try something entirely different!
So I started studying at the fashion school. Now I do small productions, give lessons from time to time and am currently also working on a small collection myself. Next, I want to learn fashion illustration and moulage, so something new again!

Wow, that’s great! Is there a message that you would like to pass on to the wearers of the clothes you make?

That they should particularly enjoy the clothes! The comfort of wearing them, the details and that the items were made with so much love. Every garment – even if I have to do a hundred of them – every single garment gets the attention that it deserves.


Do you have a favourite SEG garment?

The red dress! Certainly the red dress! It has such a beautiful neck, like a tulip. But the red shirt (that we just shot the photos with) is also really amazing. The colour! And the way it falls!

In how far is SEG in your eyes different from other fashion labels?

Through the clear lines in the design! They are so timeless! You can wear the items for years without getting out of style.

Speaking about time: Where do you see yourself in ten years from now?

I hope that I will still be alive! I also hope that I may keep working for Elsien for a long time to come. And that my own collection may get more response, so that I can make more made-to-measure work. That is what I wish for in the next ten years.

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