Who makes our clothes? We are looking forward to sharing our ongoing story series: ‘Meet The Makers’. We will introduce the people behind the scenes of Studio Elsien Gringhuis. What motivates them to work for us? What does clothing mean to them? And how do they feel about the clothing industry and their position in it? Starting Nov 8 2018 we will share a monthly story. You can read all about our makers on this page.


We love clothes, we love the way clothes make us feel and we don’t want to feel guilty when wearing them. Therefore, we want to know who makes our clothes and how they are produced and under which circumstances.

With the help of clothing we determine, what we want to reveal about ourselves to the outside world. It is a personal means of communication. But clothes also reflect our society again and again. Unfortunately, not only the beautiful things, but much too often also the very questionable facts.


Due to the globalisation, production and manufacturing have changed over the years. In the 1960’s, up to 95% of clothing was produced domestically. Today this is about 3%. This is not by definition a bad thing in itself. But when people are exploited, then globalization has missed it’s goal. Global means literally translated: “to the whole earth; globally”.

Why is it then that a large industry like the clothing industry makes so much profit for so little people? Why doesn’t everyone get properly remunerated? Why are basic human rights not respected? Why are fair working conditions a scarcity?


Studio Elsien Gringhuis believes in long-term collaborations and we are committed to ensuring that people are able to upgrade their skills and pursue their passions under excellent working conditons. We produce in our own studio in The Netherlands with the help of skilled tailors, that we train ourselves. This way we support (local-) craftsmanship, that in many ways is about to be forgotten and stimulate economic growth of the local community.

We would like you to meet our makers. By sharing our ideas of fair fashion at Studio Elsien Gringhuis and the ideas of our makers, we’d like to give you a closer perspective on fair fashion.