‘Realize that you are so much more than a consumer and have so much more influence than you think. Dare to think as a human being who has a world to win ‘.

We visited Eva Rovers with regard to her book ‘Practivism, a handbook for covertly rebels‘ (original Dutch title: Practivisme, een handboek voor heimelijke rebellen). The title alone already appealed to us … because that is exactly what we stand for; practical activism, changing existing structures just by doing it! And we also love a bit of rebellion 😉

In her book Practivism she gives numerous beautiful examples of people that changed the world through revolt. But Practivism is above all a practical guide to all kinds of ways to revolt.

If you admit everything that goes wrong in the world and realize how far we have gone already, it is almost unbearable. You can easily become depressed and discouraged. But after reading Practivism you just want to take action! It inspires, stimulates and shows us and hopefully many others that we can achieve more than we think! #youcanchangethewayitis (Unfortunately the book is only available in Dutch)

Eva wears the Two Way dress of BOOK02/Chapter01. A dress she fell in love with immediately.

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Read more about Eva here: www.evarovers.nl

Photo: Tse Kao

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