Laura runs her own company StudioECO, a German ethical fashion agency that collaborates with international sustainable fashion brands. The ambition of the agency is to ensure innovative designs and quality with respect and at one with nature and human life!
We are very happy to have Laura as our new sales representative for Germany!

Laura is passionate about traveling to unknown places to meet new people and cultures.
The most empowering and best thing she can imagine, is to be surrounded by people that are happy.
Walking trough life barefoot as much as she can, makes her feel free and strongly connected with nature.
Laura loves long walks and practices yoga to stay balanced in her daily busy life. She enjoys listening to electronic music with powerful-melancholic vocals like Apparat and Moderat and the music of the singer-songwriter José Gonzales
Her dream is to live in the woods one day with her family, a Great Dane, some cats and a horse.

Laura wears t-shirt split nr. 12 and tube skirt 3/4 split nr. 16 of BOOK01/chapter03

Curious about StudioECO? Check it here

Photo: Tse Kao

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