‘Love what you wear’ is the motto of Ilke Christiaens (40) and Stefanie Vereecken (37) two conscious women with a mission.
They are inspired by non-conformists like Patti Smith and PJ Harvey. Two of their musical heroes, who can’t be boxed and repeatedly make a statement with what they wear.
Their beautiful store HarvestClub in Antwerp (Belgium) provides a platform for the non-conformist women with a selection of sustainable and ethical labels.

Ilke and Stefanie fully support their credo “Love what you wear”: “Cherish your garment and ask yourself: What does it stand for? Who made your clothes? What is it made of? Where was it produced? Questions you ask, like you do with food and… actually anything.“

We are fan of HarvestClub!

Ilke wears the windowdress
Stefanie wears the skytop and trousers. Plus the Bomber jacket of BOOK01/chapter04

Curious about their store? Check here

Photo: Tse Kao

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