Why the Sustainable Fashion Gift Card is not only a great gift for your loved ones, but also for a more sustainable fashion industry

Have you ever struggled with finding the right present for one of your loved ones? Postponing the decision until the last moment, and then just getting a nice bottle of wine or a bouquet of flowers in the last minute definitely sounds like something we have done too many times before.

But, good news: This decision just got much easier! Founder of the fashion platform Our World Nanette Hogervorst has called The Sustainable Fashion Gift Card into life, making sure our presents will from now on evoke more than only one big smile: Next to the big smile on the face of your loved one, there will definitely also be one on the face of one of the 50 label owners that are part of the giftcard community.

We at Studio Elsien Gringhuis are very proud and happy to be among these 50 brands participating at the Sustainable Fashion Gift Card. In our eyes it is a great tool to support and promote sustainability in the fashion industry – a change that we think is very much needed. But the giftcard for us is more than just that: It also brings together like-minded people putting their hearts and energy to the same cause, a community that is (luckily) growing more and more.

The brands that are part of the Sustainable Fashion Gift Card are thoroughly checked by Nanette to meet certain criteria of sustainability, so you can be sure that your gift card will really get you the ethical option you were looking for. It is the first gift card worldwide for sustainable fashion that you can not only use on- and offline, but also for experiences such as workshops and for renting clothes.

Sounds good? You can currently support the development of the giftcard via crowdfunding at Voor de Kunst. The collected funds will be used to spread the word about the Sustainable Fashion Gift Card, to connect more thoughtful gift-givers like you with more ethical brands all over the Netherlands, but also to directly support the already participating labels in these unsteady times – another thing you can do to cause a few more big smiles

Sizing Guide

Merino size chart

This size chart is intended for reference only. Sizes can vary between brands.

Label size India UK Bust
(in inches)
(in inches)
XS XS 4-6 32 26
S S 8-10 34 28
M M 12-14 36 30
L L 16-18 39 33
XL XL 20 42 36
XXL XXL 22 44 38