The clothes you wear don’t just change the way other people see you. They change the way you see yourself! Wearing certain kind of clothes can affect the way you behave. Even change the way you think. This effect is called enclothed cognition. It describes the systematic influence that clothes have on the wearer’s psychological processes.

There’s a reason wearing formal wear is associated with being dressed for succes. It sets the right mind for conducting business. It however creates tension when we want to socialise. People tend to be less open and less relaxed when they wear formal clothing and it creates a distance to the people we want to socialise with.
We can improve our self image by the clothes we wear. Even our underwear has a powerful influence on our self perception. Wearing something sexy can make us feel more self assured, powerful and confident. So, that means that we can fix our bad moods with colourful clothing. Very good to know right? 🙂

But can we influence others and change the world with the clothes we wear?

It would be reasonable to assume that the powerful effects of clothing on our brain boosts our awearness when we buy and wear sustainable clothing. And that it makes us feel good about contributing to a better world, that we support fair labor and minimise our ecological footprint.

If we take this further, does that also mean, that it has the same effects when we share with others what kind of clothes we wear? (Without annoyingly lecturing people about it ;)) Does it create awareness? Can we make others become more conscious? Or does it only effect our own perception?

We are curious about your opinion. Please share your thoughts on this in the comments on our Facebook or Instagram page!

Stay classy and conscious! 🙂

Studio Elsien Gringhuis

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